A New BeginningEdit

  • Who knows if there is something called a Pouncil, open the portal to the witches council
  • That was a total breach, send that memory out of his reach
  • We reach forward and we reach back to find the things that we do lack
  • This momento i used to discern and mark it as my point of return
  • Although he's happy with his life, Once more I will alter time, Everyday my memories of him slowly fade, So return him from his life in the Everglades
  • Without causing any bends, Mia will be Daniel's girlfriend
  • He used to be in the everglades, now everyday those memories will slowly fade
  • Things are going, according to plan, Send Daniel to Mia's Land
  • By the stroke of ten, I wan't Daniel back into his house that's nothing like a Den
  • We've had our time at WITS Academy to roam, and until next term send us home
  • We're still in a place, we don't want to roam, So please take us all to Emma's home
  • Through days nights and endless hours, I call upon their existent and non existent powers, Bring them all back, so we can relax

There's Another OneEdit

  • Instead of travelling in a flying plane, take us to the everglades
  • We need to find one in a snap, show another Kanay on this map
  • We need to get out in a snap, take us to the location on this map
  • Things are going straight to plan, take me over to Emma's land
  • So many things to do, people to see, I can't do it all, make another one of me
  • She may not be E but she'll always be helper to me
  • This will make me seem like a coo, reveal her Kanay tatoos
  • We've had time to roam, now take us back home
  • We have no need for a spell, just send her to Limbo where she will dwell
  • Another me is worse than I know, so back inside me she shall go
  • She's out of control, a threat to us all, thus we ask this grimly call, through days, nights and all the hours, take from this one all her powers
  • Through days, nights and endless hours, I hearby grant this stripping of powers
  • Left, Right, Forwards and Back, bring her here before we slack
  • hings are getting out of hand, bring her here to our land

Restoration Finally?Edit

Emma Vs EmmaEdit

A New EraEdit