“Emma Vs Emma”
Season Spellbound, Episode 4
Emma Vs Emma
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Daniel Viglietti

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Restoration Finally?


A New Era

Emma Vs Emma

After finally succeeding to destroy her clone who nearly ruined her chances of becoming the leader of the realm, she finally takes action and asks Desdemona and Aganemnon for help. They agree but only if she vows to not use this position for personal gain. Jax becomes Emma's Co-Leader of the realm and they start to change things for the better. Mia and Diego help Sara learn to use her powers. Maddie gets jealous at all the time Mia has been spending with Diego so she turns to a different person for Comfort. Daniel wants to know why he can't remember the past 16 years of his life and Emma has to make a choice, lie and make him happy, or tell him the truth and risk having him hate her forever.