Current Admins

  • Daniel Viglietti

Admin Waiting List

Only 3 nominees can be on the list at once. The nominees who win will also become Chat Moderators, Rollbacks and Moderators

  • (Nominee 1)
  • (Nominee 2)
  • (Nominee 3)

Other Nominees

  • (Other Nominee 1)


  • You have to have written at least 1 fanfiction
  • You have not broken any rules in the past month
  • You have not been blocked in the past month
  • You must encourage other users about their fanfictions
  • If you become an Admin, you will have big responsibilities as you will be managing the wiki

How To Become An Admin

  • Once you have written a fanfiction, you can send me the link to it
  • I'll put the 3 best (so far) on the list and the others on the other nominees list.
  • I'll review the fanfictions once more and pick the one I think was the best.
  • Once that person is an admin, the other nominess will be taking off and 3 more for the other Nominees list will be added
  • The nominees who didn't make it, may re-apply in 3 days.
  • If one of the top 3 nominees break any rules or get blocked they will get taken off the list and everyone will move up a spot.